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Lis Harvey is a dear friend and a wonderful talent. We made this record a little while after she turned heads and bent ears with her tour of the 50 states (52 shows!) in 60 days, and I still like it quite a bit. The three tunes here are some of my favorites, but the whole thing is worthwhile.

Joyful Sign

Working on this project with Girlyman was a thrill. I had been a fan of theirs for years, and we'd become friends, but never worked together before this. We made this recording, toured a little bit, and without putting too fine a point on it, it was joyful.

Take A Picture

A great band led by Diana Lawrence, one helluva multi-talented lady. Her quintet (piano+voice, guitar, bass, cello, drums) was one of my favorite projects of all time, and a sad parting when I left for Los Angeles. Fortunately, they're in the hands of a very good drummer now, but this record remains a proud document for me.